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What is a 4 Channel Amp

  • Posted by Audio Express
  • On June 20, 2016

What is a 4 Channel Amp

What is a 4 channel amp? Simply put, a 4 channel amp puts out equal power in four separate channels. At its most basic, a 4 channel amp can be used to power two pairs of full-range speakers.

A 4 channel amp starts to show their versatility when they are bridged. This involves combining the power from two of the channels into a single channel. Many 4 channel amplifier are bridgeable to three or even two channels. In a 3-channel configuration, you have power for a subwoofer from the bridged channels and two channels remaining to power a pair of speakers. Bridged down to two channels, the amp will provide power to two subwoofers, or a single dual-voice-coil subwoofer.

Why do you want one? The difference even a small amplifier makes compared to what is often referred to as “deck power” from a factory radio can be amazing, especially when you upgrade from your OEM speakers. An un-bridged 4 channel amplifier gives you a great deal of control over the balance and fade of your speakers. It also provides more punch for the mid-bass sound. Bridging often produces more power than the simple sum of the two channels for a woofer.

Here’s a word about bridging: it can be tricky. Not all amplifiers are built to be bridged, and not all bridgeable amps go about it exactly the same way. When you bridge an amp you change the impedance. There is a danger of damaging the amp, speakers or both. Check the owner’s manual before you start, and if it still looks puzzling, get expert help. Our staff at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound will be glad to show you which amp you need, and our professional installers are experts and amplifier installation and will install it at the guaranteed lowest installed price in town.



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