What is a Car Audio Crossover?

What is a Car Audio Crossover?

What is a car audio Crossover? As soon as you start to move past the factory sound stage with your car audio system you will need to know what a crossover is. As you upgrade your system you will start encountering crossover filters. They will be designated as high-pass or low-pass. These are the tools for getting the best sound from your system.

Car Audio Crossovers may be located in your car audio receiver, in an amplifier, or they may be separate parts in many component speakers systems. In all cases, the purpose is to send the sound to the speakers that can handle it best. A low-pass filter stops the higher pitched sounds from getting to your subwoofers. It makes sure that your subwoofers only get the frequencies they handle most efficiently. A high pass filter does the opposite, sending only the higher pitched music to the mid-range speakers and car tweeters.

Adjustable crossovers let you fine tune the sound for your specific system. For instance, the low-pass filter setting will be different if you have a 15 inch subwoofer than it will be if you are using 5×7 speakers for your bass. The manual that came with your components will suggest settings. Understanding what is a car audio crossover and how it works is critical for getting the best sound out of your car audio system.

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