Why RetroSound is a Good Idea for Your Classic Car’s Audio

Nobody wants some newfangled audio equipment cramping the style of their classic automobile. RetroSound classic car upgrades make sure you don’t have to sacrifice your aesthetic to get clear, beautiful sound. There are some ways to improve your retro car audio and keep the same great look.

Change Out the In-Dash Audio System Head

This is a huge stressor for some classic car owners. Technology has improved dramatically since your car was made, but the style just isn’t the same. Get the best of both worlds with RetroSound radio receivers. New receivers send a more reliable, powerful and clear signal to the rest of your audio system. This translates to a better listening experience with superior sound quality no matter the volume. Upgrading your audio technology also gives you far more listening options for the car, so you won’t be stuck searching for decent radio stations anymore.

Upgrade Your Old Speakers

Common dynamic speaker cones used to use materials like paper and glue when some classic cars rolled out of the factories. Luckily, now you can find better speakers for as little as $30. Speakers use better materials now, which means they produce better sound and last a lot longer. This upgrade doesn’t make a visible difference, so you might as well make sure your audio system can last as long as your classic ride.

Improve Audio Performance with an Amplifier

Once you bring your speakers up to date, use an amplifier to get them a perfect signal. Amplifiers help avoid distorted sound at higher volumes. Be wary of adding an amp without upgrading from the old speakers though, as the increased power might destroy the outdated materials. The great thing about adding an amplifier is that it’s another change you can hear without having to see.

Add a Subwoofer for Extra Bass

Subwoofers add enriched texture to every kind of music. The beat will be stronger, and the vibrations will be smoother. Compatibility between the subwoofer and the amplifier is crucial.

Embrace Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth allows you to connect to your phone without wires, so your music options improve without any visual signs that will give away your secret. You can even make hands-free phone calls. RetroSound is dedicated to creating functional new technology with the same look you love.

Audio Express Classic Car Audio

Any upgrade goes more smoothly when you trust it to seasoned professionals. At Audio Express, our certified professionals are prepared to craft a customized plan for any classic car audio upgrade. In business since 1974, we appreciate the value of old-school cool.

Image provided by: liewluck/Shutterstock

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