Why You Should have a Professional help with Car Stereo Installation

Why You Should have a Professional help with Car Stereo Installation

After shopping around for the best car speakers, aftermarket head unit, or booming car subwoofer, you’re ready to make your choice. Now you have one more decision to make. Do you get a professional installation or try to install it yourself? Some people think the DIY approach might be right for them, but trying to install your own car audio equipment often backfires. Here are a few of the biggest reasons we typically recommend a professional installation even for people who are good with electronics.

It Might Actually Be More Expensive to Install Your Own Equipment

The cost of having your car audio equipment installed by a professional may vary. Some shops might charge more than others, but there are also local businesses that will offer you a low total cost when you buy car audio equipment and have it installed there. The cost is the biggest reason so many people try to do a DIY installation, but it normally just ends up costing them more money in the long run, in potential vehicle cosmetic or electrical damage. If you think you’re going to save money by installing your own car stereo, consider some of the following factors.


Unless you’re a professional car mechanic or audio equipment installer, you’re not likely to have all of the required tools and equipment. Depending on the type of equipment you’re planning to install, you may have to remove a lot of parts before you can access the appropriate area. When it comes to taking apart a vehicle’s dash or door speakers without causing damage, you’ll need a good amount of specialty equipment. For example, here are just a few of the tools professionals will use when they install aftermarket audio equipment in your vehicle:

  1. Right-angle screwdriver for removing hard to reach screws
  2. Phase tester to ensure speakers can function properly
  3. Oscilloscope for signal clipping
  4. Pink noise generator to analyze sound quality at different frequencies
  5. Real-time analyzer to measure and display the audio signal’s frequency
  6. spectrum
  7. Special panel removal tools to avoid breaking or damaging panels

Having the right tools is critical to ensuring an effective installation. When everything is thoroughly tested and connected properly, you can rest assured that your new audio equipment will function to the best of its ability. More importantly, you can also prevent damage to clips, wiring, and other components. Avoiding this potential damage to your vehicle is also important, and it leads us to the next reason you can save money with a professional installation.

Save Money on Car Repairs

Most car insurance plans don’t cover damage that was called by incorrect installations of equipment, and that includes audio equipment. When you go to a professional car audio installer, they’ll be covered by insurance policies that are specifically tailored for the type of work they do. Of course, incorrect installations are also much less likely when you trust the work to professionals since they have the skills, equipment, and experience to make sure everything is connected properly to your vehicle’s electrical system. Your insurance won’t want to spend thousands of dollars replacing a fried computer in your vehicle if you get your wires crossed, so it’s a good idea to avoid those kinds of problems entirely.

Personal Safety

Simply put, working with electronics and wiring can be very dangerous. When you install an aftermarket amplifier, subwoofer, or component speaker system, you’ll need to work with the vehicle’s electrical system. Every year, people expose themselves to electrical hazards in ways that lead to shocks and even deadly electrocutions. Your safety is worth far more than whatever amount of money you think you can save by installing audio equipment in your car by yourself. Let the professionals complete this work so you can keep yourself out of harm’s way and rest easy knowing that the work will be completed safely.

Your Vehicle Is Incredibly Complicated

Modern vehicles are much more complex than they used to be. Installing a new car stereo in 2020 is a lot different than installing one in 1980, especially if you have a newer vehicle with a lot of technology features. The technological features in your vehicle that could come into play during an installation include all of the following:

  • Computer Data
  • WiFi hotspot technology
  • Noise cancellation equipment or technology
  • A wide variety of different vehicle sensors
  • Alarm triggers
  • Light circuitry
  • Door dingers
  • Active volume control
  • Cameras and backup technology
  • Navigation and GPS features
  • Microphones for hands-free phone calls
  • Infotainment technology
  • Climate control features

With that much technology in your vehicle, it’s easy to make a mistake that will damage the features you already have. Climate control circuit boards, air bags and air bag wiring, and vehicle computers all come into play when taking a vehicle apart for installation, and are easily damaged and very expensive to replace if the wrong connection is made. The last thing you want is to install your new car speakers, confirm that they sound great, then realize that your overhead dome lights suddenly don’t work anymore. You might end up spending more money replacing what you broke than you would have just getting the new car speakers professionally installed.

Professionals have the knowledge to avoid other components within your vehicle and the specialized tools to help them do it. They’ll also be able to ensure that the parts they’re installing are compatible with the rest of your technology. That means they won’t get wires crossed or try to hook anything up to a level of voltage that will burn wires and fry your brand new electronics.

You’ll Save Yourself Time and Headaches

Unless you already have a career in car audio installation, you’ll have to spend a good deal of time learning how all the different components work before you can properly install them. In addition to reading about the part you just purchased, you’ll likely have to dive into your car’s owner’s manual to learn about the vehicle itself. Even simple jobs are likely to take hours for inexperienced people, and any money you save will come at a significant cost in the form of your free time.

It’s also common for people to make mistakes the first time. That means you’ll end up redoing all of your work, likely becoming very frustrated, then starting all over again. Go to a professional who already understands how all of the equipment works together and can complete the installation quickly and effectively. You’ll be able to enjoy your new equipment as soon as possible, and with the best possible sound. As an added bonus, you won’t have to spend your day off reading boring technical manuals.

Where to Get Your Car Stereo Installed

If you can purchase your car stereo and get it installed all in one place, that is typically the best way to go. That way, you know that the person installing the equipment has experience with that specific stereo, and they’ve probably already completed successful installations just like this one. You’ll also save time because you won’t have to go from place to place. Finally, some businesses will offer better prices when you get both the equipment and the installation from them.

Here at Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound, we have many years of experience installing aftermarket audio equipment. We’re experts in the best car audio brands and can work on just about any car. Find a location near you today, or contact us online if you have any questions.

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