Car Audio

Car audio is the bread and butter of Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound. We’ve branched out to provide more services for customers who expect the best, but we spend the great majority of everyday sourcing, selling, and installing car audio components. We’re up to date on the wiring and specifications of even the most modern and complicated vehicles. Our sales teams as well as our technicians have significant expertise when it comes to planning and installing a high-performance audio system.

If you have a classic car or other high-end vehicles, Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound will do the research required to provide a seamless audio upgrade. Other shops won’t touch vehicles like this, but we have the expertise to ensure smooth upgrades to your system. Every car audio setup we work on is designed to provide you with years of enjoyment, which is why we stock only the best name brands, always at the lowest installed price.

Car Stereo Receivers

The car stereo receiver is one of the best places to start your car audio upgrades, especially if you have an older vehicle. Look into great features like Bluetooth connectivity, touch screens and smartphone control, and satellite radio capabilities. Modern receivers will give you many more options when it comes to staying entertained on the go.

Other Car Audio Components

The factory speakers in your vehicle may not be able to handle the powerful signal from your new receiver. You can upgrade your entire car sound system at once, or take on one component at a time by considering which of the following is your most immediate need:

Remember, many times the sound system is an afterthought to the car makers, so things like speakers end up down by your ankles instead of up near your ears. Better speakers will help with sound stage imaging and rich sound, giving you the experience you’ve been missing.

Best Car Audio Options

The surest way to make sure you’re finding the best car audio products is to shop local and authorized. When you go to a business in your local community, you can rest assured they’ll give you the best service possible because they value their reputation in the area. Shopping with an authorized vendor is equally important since this is how you know you’re getting reliable products, and a great warranty.

An authorized vendor has been recognized by the manufacturer as a trusted seller of their products. This means that you’ll never get a gray or black market product, so you’re always getting the real deal instead of a knockoff. When the vendor is authorized to sell a manufacturer’s products, they’re also able to extend the full protection of the manufacturer’s warranty. Look to a local, authorized vendor to find the very best car audio options available.

How to Find Car Audio Deals

Since Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound is the home of the lowest total installed price guaranteed, you can always find the best car audio deals here. Our everyday prices are designed to offer the greatest value you can find anywhere, which is why we’re so confident in our price guarantee. In addition to our normal deals on car audio equipment and service, you can also find terrific weekly specials. These deals are always changing, so check back often to see how you can find low prices for car upgrades.

Need Help Finding the Best “Car Audio Installs Near Me”?

Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound is proud to offer premium products and professional work at the lowest total installed price guaranteed. As local leaders in the car audio industry, we’re completely dedicated to utmost customer satisfaction every time you enter one of our stores. Our local, trained technicians are motivated to provide you with the best possible service before, during, and after the sale. Find the location nearest to you, then come see us today.

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